If you’re planning to embark on your higher education journey, then there are certain examinations that can probably help you get you one step closer to enrolling in the college of your choice. One of them is the SAT or the Scholastic Assessment Test. This article focuses on explaining what the SAT is, how it is important and the steps to prepare for this examination.

Let’s begin!

What is the SAT?

SAT or the Scholastic Assessment Test can be defined as a standardized examination that is conducted by the College Board, and must be taken by students applying for admission to undergraduate schools. Previously, The Scholastic Assessment Test was called the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Why is the SAT important?

SAT is one of the most important examinations considered by premium colleges and universities. Potential students looking for admission in undergraduate programs in the US must  appear for their SAT. While most colleges in the US require SAT scores for admission to undergraduate courses, some schools also offer student scholarships based on these results.

Now that we have an understanding of what is the SAT and why is it important to you, let’s dive deeper to look at how you can get a headstart into preparing for your SAT exam –

How to start preparing for your SAT

Step 1 in the process of preparing for your SATs is to recognise and understand your skill set. While some students may be good at mathematics and logical reasoning, others may be fluent in languages and essay comprehension. This is why it is vital to understand where your skill set lies and which subjects’ understanding comes naturally to you, to know where you have a higher chance to score the maximum points. This also helps you recognize your weaknesses, so that you can spend more time polishing that skill to score more marks in your SAT.

The next aspect is to take practice tests. The more you practice, the better you get with every attempt. Taking practice tests not only trains your mind to understand the kind of questions you can anticipate for the SAT exam, it also helps you manage your time and helps you recognize areas where you need to spend more time and which section can you breeze through in the least amount of time.

Each time you take a practice test, take a moment to look at the instructions mentioned under each test section. It’s wise to carefully read and understand the instructions mentioned under each section, as they may vary from one another. Usually, the time that ideally needs to be dedicated under each section is also mentioned, along with a few more instructions specific to that section. You must note that these sections are built for the student’s benefit, so as to assist you to make the most of your SAT exam and help you score marks to your maximum potential. Keeping these instructions in mind will also help you save time on the day of the actual SAT examination. 

By this stage, ideally, you should be thoroughly prepared to take your SATs. To deal with those last minute jitters, it’s best to take a practice test – one last time! This is an important test as it will give your confidence the much-needed boost and reassure you that you’re well prepared for the examination and can tackle it with ease. Moreover, it will help you highlight the test sections that need more attention and assess the amount of time you’re spending on these sections, so that you can time your test better.

The day has finally arrived. Now that you’re ready to set yourself up for success for the day, it’s important to keep a few pointers in mind-

– Get up early to kickstart this day on a positive note
– Have a good meal at least an hour or two before your test, so that you feel energized
– Stay hydrated to keep your brain active
– Speak to someone you trust if you’re dealing with last minute jitters
– Remind yourself that you are well-prepared and can ace this exam if you keep yourself centered

Taking the SAT exam can set you up for success when looking to land admission in the course and college of your choice. SAT scores are widely accepted by most universities and colleges, and this is why it’s important to give due consideration to this exam, when you start planning your higher education journey. We wish you the best of luck!

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